Digitization in hospitality

A compact broadband network infrastructure - the basis for digitization in the hospitality industry

With the advancing digitization, the requirements and needs of hotel guests for the digital hotel infrastructure are also changing. Holidaymakers and business travellers no longer want to do without streaming series and films or working on the move in their hotel room, just as they do at home. Business customers in the meeting rooms need stable, comprehensive conference technology. An IT infrastructure with high bandwidths therefore plays an important role in digitalisation in the hotel industry.

The fibre optic solution for LAN environments

An efficient IT infrastructure in the hospitality industry must flexibly serve the numerous digital expectations and needs of guests. Important here are central online operation via a single platform, easy adaptation to the different requirements of the guests or the diverse technology in meeting rooms. It should also be prepared for the latest room equipment technologies.

FiberLAN is the proven and widely deployed fibre optic LAN solution from DZS for the hotel industry. It enables high-speed Internet access at lower costs and with lower power consumption than conventional, copper-based networks. It offers flexibility, reliability, high bandwidths and easy operation. In addition, FiberLAN allows multiple virtual networks to be set up with the highest level of security.

Hoteliers also save considerable space when the data connection is served by a single FiberLAN switch in the equipment room. Multiple equipment racks and patch panels on each floor are no longer needed.

FiberLAN users profit from

+ lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

+ higher availability and security

+ future proof infrastructure

+ more bandwidth

+ eco-friendly

Fiber-based LAN networks for a secure network infrastructure in hospitality

A FiberLAN network is a proven GPON architecture that shares a single mode fiber to offer point-to-multipoint network connectivity to subscribers using passive optical components. For application that require P2P connectivity, FiberLAN™ is capable of Active Ethernet, too.

FiberLAN is a high performance solution built entirely on industry leading standards for the hospitality industry. This fully converged solution is scalable for a single or multilevel building. It is also very well suited for changes in LAN infrastructure for large campus environments where new facilities are being installed or upgraded.

DZS’ layer 2 transport infrastructure, FiberLAN, delivers converged services over a single strand of fiber. FiberLAN™ reduces the costs of your LAN infrastructure cabling and electronics to a fraction of what is required to a traditional copper infrastructure. Operationally, FiberLAN™ greatly reduces the complexity of provisioning and managing a LAN network by acting as a one large virtual switch instead of multiple individual network elements. This virtual switch can be easily managed by either a graphical user interface (GUI) and/or a command line interface (CLI).

As technology advances, so do the ways to conserve energy and reduce operating costs. FiberLAN replaces conventional copper and multimode fiber used with traditional network infrastructures to a single mode fiber optic cable allowing for the elimination of the traditional workgroup switch, patch panels, and racks in riser closets.

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BY THE WAY: DZS is a founding member of the Association for Passive Optical LAN and has already successfully implemented thousands of FiberLAN installations. Especially in the field of hospitality, numerous hotels and retirement homes rely on our highly secure and private data transmission.


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Building a cost-efficient and future-proof IT infrastructure with passive optical LANs

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