Digitization in the healthcare sector

A highly secure broadband network infrastructure - basis for the digitization of hospitals

Modern hospitals manage a variety of applications via internet-enabled end devices. These include WLAN internet access for patients, monitoring of vital data, electronic ward rounds, ordering meals via tablet, electronic ward rounds or voice-over-WLAN for the doctor's telephone.

The IT managers in the hospitals thus streamline their processes and at the same time enable treatment and care at the highest level.

The optical fibre solution for LAN environments

The demands on an efficient hospital IT infrastructure are high. It must be secure in order to protect the transmission of sensitive patient data. The LAN solution FiberLAN from DZS offers this security, as well as reliability, flexibility, high bandwidths and simple operation.

FiberLAN enables a clean and sterile environment, as the cables do not need to be replaced after installation. In addition, FiberLAN can be used to set up multiple virtual networks with maximum security.

FiberLAN users profit from

+ lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

+ higher availability and security

+ future proof infrastructure

+ more bandwidth

+ eco-friendly

Fiber-based LAN networks for a secure hospital network infrastructure

A FiberLAN network is a proven GPON architecture that shares a single mode fiber to offer point-to-multipoint network connectivity to subscribers using passive optical components. For application that require P2P connectivity, FiberLAN™ is capable of Active Ethernet, too.

FiberLAN is a high performance solution built entirely on industry leading standards for the healthcare sector. This fully converged solution is scalable for a single or multilevel building. It is also very well suited for changes in LAN infrastructure for large campus environments where new facilities are being installed or upgraded.

DZS’ layer 2 transport infrastructure, FiberLAN, delivers converged services over a single strand of fiber. FiberLAN™ reduces the costs of your LAN infrastructure cabling and electronics to a fraction of what is required to a traditional copper infrastructure. Operationally, FiberLAN™ greatly reduces the complexity of provisioning and managing a LAN network by acting as a one large virtual switch instead of multiple individual network elements. This virtual switch can be easily managed by either a graphical user interface (GUI) and/or a command line interface (CLI).

As technology advances, so do the ways to conserve energy and reduce operating costs. FiberLAN replaces conventional copper and multimode fiber used with traditional network infrastructures to a single mode fiber optic cable allowing for the elimination of the traditional workgroup switch, patch panels, and racks in riser closets.

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BY THE WAY: DZS is a founding member of the Association for Passive Optical LAN and has already successfully implemented thousands of FiberLAN installations. Especially in the field of healthcare, numerous clinics rely on our highly secure and private data transmission.


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Building a cost-efficient and future-proof IT infrastructure with passive optical LANs

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